Get lost in the tabletop LitRPG adventure of a lifetime…

If Gary had known he’d get trapped in his RPG with his real-life stats,
he’d have tried harder in gym class.

Gary Burns just wanted to create the greatest RPG campaign of his gaming career.
But a freak magical accident sucks him into the very world he created—as himself.

Surrounded by heroes who look and sound like his friends, Gary is forced to play out the story he wrote.
Worthless in a fight, Gary must prove himself valuable even if it means feeding the team insider knowledge.

Because he needs to keep his friends close—and himself alive—
until he can solve the puzzle he never designed: how to get everyone back home.

LitRPG with all the components of your favorite tabletop RPG

Unique Monsters

Colorful Characters

Exotic Locations

Challenging Quests

…and Epic Loot

Level up alongside Gary and his friends as they take on the major world bosses…

(the dragon)

Duke Althias
(the necromancer)

(the demon god)

I see myself as a bit of a LitRPG connoisseur and enjoyed every page of this.”

- Amazon reviewer

“I do believe that this is the best lit rpg that I have listened to. Mikael Naramore once again gave a fantastic performance.”

- Audible listener

A great take on getting sucked into a new world where you have insider knowledge. The main pro-tag wasn’t over powered and the party struggles as they should for any GM.”

- Audible listener

“That is how I want a dnd game session to be in real life to play out.”

- Audible listener

“Laughed until I cried a number of time throughout the book.”

- Amazon reviewer

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